Walker’s stories

WALK in the PARK-3

“So glad I joined the group. It’s been great to meet so many lovely people”

“It has helped my walking after having a stroke and I enjoy the company”

“Walking projects have a typical Social Return on Investment of 1:8. That is, for every £1 invested, walking projects’ outcomes achieve and additional £8 of value for their communities”

A Free Walk in the Park

Rain, hail, sun or snow,
The Tuesday Walkers are on the go!!
These Healthy Walks a thing to achieve,
And aches and pains helped to relieve.

Young or old, fit or not,
A chat with the others helps a lot.
Leaders are trained, and with a helping hand,
No-one’s left out – a real happy band.

Walks are graded, Bronze, Silver and Gold,
So walk your own pace – a chance to be bold !!!
Leaders out front, in the middle and behind,
Help is always at hand and easy to find.

On Tuesday mornings at a quarter past ten,
We gather together and sign in with pen,
We meet at the Meadows but sometimes the Square,
With programme provided it’s all written there.

The Walks are varied – local and near,
Car sharing if needed, so nothing to fear,
The Park’s Office has details, so pop in and see,
Just what’s available for all – you and me.

We learn and see more of the beauty around,
Plants, trees, and birds, and flowers to be found.
Finishing at Twelve, at the Deli we find,
A welcome coffee and scone and great peace of mind.

By A Restored Happy Walker